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             android applications :

             A, London Travel WC maps – for easy travel in London

             b, Prostyler-network archive – all archive links in android

Educational videos archives : around 800 documents in English and around 500 in czech and slovak language in total archive from history, astronomy, science, agricultrure ........................................
              Kinostok video archive 1 : 163 documents , 78 in czech and 85 in english language

              Kinostok video archive 2 : 411 documents in English
              Kinostok video archive 3 : 168 documents in Czech and Slovak

              Stagevu video channel - 158 videos , documents  in English  and Czech

            metacafe video channel -   160 videos - music, concepts slideshows
            i have 5 You tube channels :                   
                      giaco74 channel - 98 uploads, music videos with lyrics

                      free energy test channel, - videos about my free energy testing
                      what you can have channel -  about not allowed free energy devices

                      bicycle light channel - videos for project on

                      3styller channel - basic videos for music

                       Ebook Archive : 700 encycledias, trade manuals, survival ,,............................           

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