private back up archive

After never-ending  failing down windows or mysteriously fail hard drives  I decide to back up my important eBooks, videos and latest information’s in science, history, astronomy......and also 20 years of surfing on the internet archive  online on another servers. I have many categories of interest, so I linked info in different websites for fast finding information’s if will be needed, avoiding long website loading and also make it easy for mobile phone. After surprise from my deleted videos from mega video I am currently making new bigger video archive on Russian servers, where I hope these "people" never reach. Education in any way has to be free only that way people can find they gifted skills which is useful for upgrading tools, new technology’s, building new machines, gadgets, inventions ...  When You have knowledge in different aspect of technology new variations will jump in many cases on they own because lots of people think different, because they had different background and another types problems to solve, according to live in different continents as an example. And everybody will be profitable.

But in these years is popular let people stupid and then making money on them. And as far what I see , where we heading these useless people in governments which we have to feed even they left us with empty hands , sold us -  including last free lands which they did not own only has to take care of , where we can plant healthy food for our kids , because supermarkets is only store of some chemical products to feed that amount of population in a minimum price and water which we need at least 2 litters a day  - sold to corporations and another companies which don`t need any more money , will materialize even air in near future to cover they expenses ... :)  They just sign nonsense overcharged contracts in our behalf, which we have to extra pay and making our lives worse not better with created unlimited number of rules which is only for us and not for them, for selfish materialistic reasons.... To be a politician is a job for people which want to help everybody and not only selected ones. This chosen ones don`t need it anyway. But we know who they are , they names, where they live , where they work , who lift hand in voting for new laws , who lift hand for selling our land and resources, who was fired because want to help us, who work for us and who work for corporations – to send in prison right people. All this people which use they knowledge for selfish reasons will be stand at nation open court - on internet to secure everything will be according our laws  for lies,depeculation,fraud,treason,race hate,mass murder,war . They signatures and voting we have archived in paper or hard disc , so I don’t think they have really bright future .All history book will be re-write to know what is really happened and not some kind of story from TV. What they learn them in a school? As long people study they are more cynic, selfish and no more feelings for anybody else. Who teach our children about real priorities in live, when all parents are too busy to spend most of the time in work because bills are high . Are you really think this kids who does know what real feeling is, will be have any feeling for us? Who is teaching them when we are working all the time? For many politicians who abandon us is only transferring money from one point to another. They do not see any lost houses, broken marriages, lots of pain, tears of wife and  kids, old people crying at front of pharmacy, because they cannot afford buy pills for them….arguments ,which jump up because is not enough for kids … suicide, because some people are just cannot watch at family suffering… killing innocent people including women’s and kids in another countries because of resources , overpopulated planet  or some another sick reason and using our name and money to get it thanks to TV? I am not any anti-American – I have a lots of good fiends is states,  - what I want is all that sweet words which politician said somebody will really do and not complete opposite. They had a choice and they choose what they choose, so I do not think they will be not really surprised when we will come for them. They forgot on one thing. People feel what is right and wrong – that our gift from nature - so they can be washed up only temporary, that why this entire sick dictators fail in history and this time it will be same.

I never understand point of collecting. I was born naked and when I will have luck, I will take with me to another side just one dress to not a look that funny :)  Native Indian culture at American continents was nice example to live without destruction and levelled. Well, before white educated people arrived, which was for them disaster and end up with genocide in name of God. Strange and tragic way of religion conversion to be a "better" person. You can check Columbus memo how he described these Taino 3 milion people as a kindness people in no limits of help. All of them died in a period1492 - 1555  less 63 years and it was not any kind of peaceful trip to another side. End number of this genocide and illness without cure is more than 100 milions which was around 80% native population on entire continets . Even today You can check what they get back for that and how they live in American dream or paradise :)  by online IP cameras from towns traffic , private shops , parks or regional news archive with any online translator ,  if English is not Your first language or You have just a basic knowledge of English .

 I am now changing all websites to another hosting including different website maker, because I don`t like how Google services selling or giving access to our private stuff somebody who I don`t know,  Who is going to have power in future and how they going how use it .If You don`t want to be tracked always sign out from all Google services and Facebook and use yahoo or another search engine. Anyway people without any moral responsibility  cannot judge nobody , but they do for now but I hope one day ... all this selfish people will be replaced and shown everywhere for future generation to avoid that kind of mistakes . If our grandparents will see for what they was fighting in a first and second war they will be disappointed. Old people don`t have money to buy pills for them after lifetime work for community , only selected jobs to find with only certain amount to earn ... average lifetime male persons from my country is 63 and I have to be retiree in 65 .... :) But in news we are doing well ... :)  I am taking info from many sources not only one - with internet. If will be some virus in all TV`s in the world at least for one week and people will start talk together , how they live without lies because of shame or another reasons world will pass major change in a 3 days :)   For now everybody is getting brainwash for free at the front of the TV. And guys again buy some extra time for they empty and unmoral lives even they lives have to be example and new names which making painful tragic marks in a worldwide  history , names which nobody want hear again .

Until food chain will broke and nobody will fix it again - even we have technology, but no money for some reason :) Then billionaires will tell us to fight again for another story which was made up like last 80 years and they will sit at home and drink café and another poor kids will be dying again, because no another normal job and nobody will explain them truth.

And all organizations as UN, OSN, World Bank which does not help any country unless they lift hand for another war and all another ones which know what is happening and not doing anything. They present themselves as a group of corrupted people without any kind of feelings for somebody else as we saw in past years. They also use our money to support killing and stealing for some private sector, companies and not helping people.   Where is that technology which smart people made for us ,technology which I see everyday in educational documents or science news? Google and anothers have free energy for they servers in and rest of the world do not need free energy? Or another technology,  when Army put some bombs next to sensors and using that technology for harm people and not for help. All this machines supposed to be use for exploration and find solutions how to fix our planet, otherwise  we will die. All of us. They gone really too far and they will be replaced if they liked or not, not because I am writing this, but in a human history it was always like that. Soon or latter  :) Humans are very skilled , so I think we will find solution …..soon and not violent one, because we are not like them .They choose it many years ago, so they will get it. If they not going to protect our families , so somebody has to do. And we know who they are and where they work…:)  We still got a lot of technology ,which smart people not going to give this sick people, so I think we not that fucked up and can be fixed - it will take too many years anyway, but at least our grand children can survive here on this planet  ,till they will find better solution… Inventors they do not want give them all that machines ,because current governments will turn it against us – gun powder, atomic bomb -  as a history showed us many times. They will give to us when all this people will be finally there , where supposed to be. In a prison , not to make that kind of mistakes again. And they can watch what they has to do and what they did not.

 Living a life which is based on using another ones called sheep’s or have profit on somebody suffering is just .....

 A lot of people living now like birds in a cage. Bird which was born in a cage and living in cage will never understand flying, even if is natural for him to fly. That’s how we live now and why is a lot of people feel that emptiness and no inspiration at all to continue.

 Well, from my point of view. I do not watch TV :)